Happy New Year! 2018 is starting off with a bang!

Cheers!! We're officially official! SCP is LIVE!

Cheers!! We're officially official! SCP is LIVE!

Happy New Year, friends! So thankful you've stopped by + are here! It has taken many many conversations over cups of coffee + glasses of wine ( + definitely some desserts) to get here. Some of you may know photography was always a passion of mine. If you've ever glanced through my mom's photo albums of my childhood,  you'll have seen my earlier work of landscapes, unfocused family members, Disney scenery while on the ride + countless photos of clouds + skies. I'll never know how much money my mom spent on film!! But as I grew older, I put down the camera + focused on establishing an office life instead of developing that passion for documenting life. Never in a my WILDEST dreams did I ever think I would own a business let alone be a business where I wake up excited every day to  do what I love...

I come from an Asian family where a decent paying, steady, respectable job is king. Anything "creative" is a risk + was sidelined as a hobby. Thus, my career path was partially already chosen for me before I could really even explore my options. Don't get me wrong, my parents (AWESOME PEOPLE BTW) always encouraged + supported me in whatever I chose to do but maybe it was because of that idea of stability that I automatically gravitated towards a corporate career. Now, I'd love to give you some firework story about how in a twist of fate, photography entered my life but it wasn't even like that. It was simply that I broke my point and shoot + since I needed a new camera anyway, might as well spend a little more to upgrade to a DSLR. That was it! Hahaha! But the second I took that first picture, I knew I wanted to use my camera to create something more than  just a photo of my food + that's when I knew it wasn't going to be just a hobby...that I wanted something more from photography. 

At this point in my life, I wouldn't have imagined that I would call myself a photographer, an entrepreneur, or be my own boss. I pinch myself when I'm working with other amazingly talented creatives because this dream is living itself out in real life! The ups + downs to finally get here will be for another post but now that I'm finally here...I am embracing it + am ready to run with it. I am ready for you 2018! I'm gonna kick some major booty this year + invite you to be part of this journey. It's gonna be a little weird but that's probably gonna be the best part of it. By the end of it all, my hope is that we become friends because life is better with you in it. 

So here's to more Disney dates, desserts + a creating a lot of magic in 2018!!