Newborn Baby Love | Mission Viejo, CA

Ella Avery 3.JPG

Hi World - please meet the newest member of my friends Lindsey + Oliver's family, Miss Ella Avery! She has the most perfect 10 toes, 10 fingers + the chubbiest cheeks I've ever seen! Best believe I immediately fell in love the moment I saw her =)

I met both first time mom+dad Lindsey + Oliver back in our good ole UCI days ( can I get a Zot! Zot! Zot! ) where we were in organizations that closely hung out together. Those were some good times together! They were so cute back then as they dated + have grown into the cutest + most in love parents together. Throughout the session, Oliver would check in + ask Lindsey "Do you need anything, babe? Need water? Are you ok?" Still after all these years, making sure to take care of his main girl. 

When chatting during the session, I asked Lindsey if there was anything that surprised her post delivery + she admitted she didn't realize how hard it was going to be. She had planned + prepared but after Ella arrived, everything was such a blur! Both hers + Oliver's parents arrived shortly after to help out + meet their granddaughter. Actually, at the time of this session, Oliver's parents were visiting + got in on some of the photo action! I know a lot of the attention is on mom + dad + baby but I strongly feel grandparents should also have a moment captured. Imagine all the emotion they're experiencing: meeting their first grandchild, watching + guiding their own child become a parent, witnessing their family grow. This new baby is their legacy was so special to see both grandpa + grandma giggle over sweet Ella.

Ella's nursery is a haven of tranquility + calm. Decorated with neutral tones with pops of pink, you can't help but immediately feel a layer of comfort envelop you as you enter. Mommy Lindsey is a teacher + built the most adorable library for Ella to read as she grows older. Daddy "I-love-it-when-you-call-me-big-poppa" Oliver snuck his love of 90s rap into the decor with the most adorable whale print.  

I couldn't have been more honored to capture such a precious moment in your lives, friends. You both are so in love with your baby girl + are destined to be the most patient + kind parents ever. Wishing you both so much joy, laughs, memories + sleep.