Long Beach Love in Palos Verdes | Dana + Ian Engagement Session

Where does the time go? The months are flying by + it's been over a month since the last blog post - what!? Let's get back in the swing of things + share with you this super fun + playful engagement session with Dana + Ian.

I first met with Dana + Ian in February after we had connected through Facebook. First time meetings are always a little awkward just because you have to wade through 10-15 minutes of small talk + formality but with Dana + Ian, it didn't take but a quick 5 minutes of conversation to fall into a comfortable pattern of dialogue. What I value + LOVE about my clients is how easily + quickly we're able to create a connection with each other + this carries over to the engagement session, wedding + beyond. I love texting/IG chatting/DMin'g with my couples - this continues to build the relationship + by the time the wedding comes - I'm not longer just a hired vendor for a specific service but a long time friend who just so happens to be taking your photos =) This ease + comfortability really shows in the photos which is a plus for everyone! 

What was also instantly apparent is the love they shared + how perfectly suited they were. Their thoughts were completely in sync when sharing their love story, what they wanted + what they didn't want for their wedding + what they were looking for in a photographer. I was in awe as I know 150K% when it was my wedding - my fave hubby + I weren't always on the same page (thankfully, he selflessly surrendered a lot of his wants so I could have the wedding I wanted....got me a good one!)

With their wedding set for April, we didn't have the luxury of relaxing + taking our time in scheduling the engagement session. We actually shot this the weekend BEFORE the wedding + despite them claiming they were "awkward + never take photos", Dana + Ian were so easy to work with + you guys - they were NOT messing around! THEY CAME TO SLAY! 

I loved how their wardrobe reflected their personalities. Both Dan + Ian are vibrant, unique, creative entrepreneurs. Dana is an amazingly talented hair stylist + Ian is a brilliant + skilled designer. The colors in their patterned outfits totally complemented + highlighted each other...

I mean, does this look like people who look uncomfortable + awkward in front of the camera? HECKKK NO! We had such a great time + the session flew by so quickly! There was a lot of laughs that we had to remind ourselves we had to get serious + capture some closer intimate moments between the two of them...This is what I love about Dana + Ian - they didn't take themselves too seriously + are game for whatever it was I threw their way. It was such a joy to go through these images + I had a smile the entire time I was editing. If this was what I get to work with, I knew the wedding was gonna be super fun + enjoyable! 

Tune in next week for Part 2 of this fab duo when I share their beautiful Santa Barbara wedding!