Pink Sky Engagement Session | Heather + Justin | Irvine, CA


A behind the scenes video of Heather + Justin's engagement photo session // Shot by Dale Castro // See his filmmaking kit: Camera Sony a7 III Lens Sony 24-70mm f/4 Vario-Tessar

2019! The latter part of 2018 was a whirlwind of weddings, engagements + holiday family sessions but I’ve vowed to be more consistent with sharing all the love I’m privileged to capture + NOT selfishly hoard it all to myself ☺️

Let’s kick it off with this lovely couple: Heather + Justin. I’ve known each of these two lovelies independently from them as a couple for a couple years. For me, I remember seeing them in a group hangout + immediately my thoughts started turning thinking “hmm, they’d be good together.” [ full transparency, several others had the same thoughts….so it wasn’t just me 😂] Lo + behold, H+J had the same feeling because just a couple months later - <<BOOM>> BOO’D UP!

Seriously tho - who wouldn’t wanna wife her up?! Congrats, J$

Seriously tho - who wouldn’t wanna wife her up?! Congrats, J$

H+J are quite the adventurous couple - they love being outdoors + being active. You can always catch them out on the trails taking in + appreciating the scenery. They got engaged on a gorgeous trip to Colorado ( while hiking a trail, of course!) + wanted their session to reflect their love of nature.


Together, they were obviously just the cutest but it was in little ways you could see their love for one another shine through. They both make each other better in the best way possible. Just in the way that they helped each other out during the shoot, they way they interacted together, how they both shoo’d away the millions of flies (seriously, there were A LOT!), how she’d encourage him to be his true silly self + how he would share stories about their engaged life together + how IT’S THE BEST EVER!! (right J?)

They were also game to humor me when I made them get active for a shot…I love me some action shots 😍…


You can tell they’re super comfortable with each other - that’s one of the best feelings in the world

There’s also nothing better than getting nekkid when you gotta do an outfit switch haha! But, they were prepared + had no problems changing real quick #naturebabies

I was all heart eyes when I saw how they coordinated their outfits…😍😍😍

Looking forward to November when they lovebirds become the best duo ever!